volunteer at winterland

Winterland is the newest add on to Tromsø’s cultural life, and we’ll gladly receive some helping hands in order to get this event off the ground! Therefore, we have opened our volunteer registration, and we hope you’d like to be a part of a crew ready to deliver Tromsø’s biggest party under the northern lights!

As a volunteer at Winterland you will receive:

  • Crew clothing to wear while at work

  • Accreditation to access the festival

  • Food and drink while at work

  • Volunteer party

  • And you get to be part of the team that creates one hell of a winter party at Fløyahallen!


As a volunteer at Winterland you commit to the following:

  • Show up on time and sober to your shifts as agreed.

  • In case you are delayed or cannot make it, you let the volunteer coordinator know immediately.

  • You wear your crew clothing while working, unless instructed otherwise.

  • You wear the required security gear if necessary.

  • Work with a smile and do your best, remember that you are a representative of the festival to everyone who meets you.

I understand that if I get my festival ticket and do not show up for my shifts, the festival will bill me the price of the ticket unless I can produce a doctor’s note.

By electronically accepting these conditions, Winterland and the volunteer commit to keep their part of the agreement. While volunteering at Winterland will be insured as a worker. In case of injury while working at the festival, you are obliged to report to volunteer coordinator, and you will together fill out an injury form.

Following the new privacy policy, you also agree that Winterland can keep your personal information and pictures of you in our systems for our own use, for as long as we see fit. The information will not be shared with anyone else, and you may at any moment contact us to have access to the information we hold, or to have it deleted. 

How can I help?

Audience host - Publikumsvertskap

The audience hosts make sure our audience are having a nice and safe experience. Working here, you’ll function as an extra pair of eyes and ears for the security guards, but you’ll also talk to the audience and be available for questions they may have. You are visible in your uniform, always polite and easy to talk to.



Do you enjoy a high level of activity and speed? Are you service minded? Then you’ll enjoy working in the bar! If you have any former experience working in a bar, it’s cool of you mention it in your application.


Wardrobe – Garderobe

Are you effective, organized and service minded? This is your spot! People want to dance without their winter jackets, so receive it, put it on its hanger, make sure the customer gets the right note, and when the show is over: let’s get those jackets back out again as fast as possible! This is a real rush ;)


Renovation – Renovasjon

Are you, as we are, concerned with a clean and functional festival venue, also when there are thousands of people inside? The renovation-volunteers epmty trash cans, tidy up and makes sure there’s always toilet paper in the washrooms. An important job which leaves you pretty much the best view of the concerts, and loads of oportunities to dance the night away while you work with us!