Winterland 2019 is a two-day festival in Fløyahallen, with three acts each night. The festival ticket is for both nights, one-day tickets are available from Monday 28 February.

There will be held side events to the main festival. The side events are not included in the festival ticket, and will have separate ticket sales.

Friday 22 February:
Charlotte Bendiks

Saturday 23 February:
High Heeled Giants
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Which artist play which day?

Is there going to be a wardrobe?

Yes! We had some problems with the wardrobe system last year, but this year it will be improved to make it easier for everyone.

How about transportation?

There will be busses from Prostneset to Fløyahallen, and busses back to Prostneset. Transportation by bus is included in your festival ticket.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours in Fløyahallen are not quite set yet, but they will be somewhere around 7:30 PM to 1:30 AM. This will be announced!

How many artists are playing?

There are three artists playing Friday, and three playing Saturday.

Is there going to be a bar?

Yes! There is. It will contain both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.